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tv   John Bennett on Steve Bannon  CSPAN  August 19, 2017 12:04am-12:14am EDT

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and eight sunk by a submarine, 900 people going to the water. they diet, sharks eat them, it is a terrible story. >> on "q&a." >> next, more concerning the announced departure of presidential strategist steve bannon. then c-span's conversation with tom price. after that, supreme court court justice elena kagan on the influence of the first woman justice sandra day o'connor. first, we talk with a white house correspondent about the news today on steve bannon. >> we are here with john bennett, a correspondent for cq
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roll call. the other shoe has dropped, steve bannon is out. if he fired or did he leave on his own terms? john: i think it is pretty clear that mr. bannon was asked to leave the white house, you know, this is definitely the new chief of staff, general john kelly, this is his second big personnel move and it has his fingerprints all over it. it happened a little later than a lot of, even republican lawmakers wanted. they felt it needed to happen a little bit faster. earlier in the week after charlottesville and the far right, the white supremacist groups that bannon had at least some ties to and had pushed some of the same ideas of these groups, not all of the ideas of these groups, but there were similar strains in what he had written and said over the years, especially working at breitbart. so general kelly, it appears , and others in the inner circle as well, convinced the president after charlottesville and of course mr. bannon, perhaps had
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an off record chat with a reporter this week in which he said he wanted democrats and the political space to be talking about race because he could crush democrats if they were focused on race. others,eral kelly and it became too much and donald trump decided that he had to go, that he was too much of a distraction, it really feels like. he was distracting from the president's agenda and other things going on. host: so steve bannon, founder of breitbart, with his departure does breitbart and other outlets lose an ally in the west wing? john: they definitely do. there are others in the west wing, stephen miller comes to mind, the chief domestic policy advisor to the president, who the president thinks highly of and he has the ear of president
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trump. but this is a huge loss for those right-wing, i guess, media organizations for lack of a better term, the conservative media organizations. one thing about the business model there, they are very good at criticizing, or opposing -- i mean, they came into prominence really under president obama, so i would not write them off just yet. they will have plenty to say and they have really built a wide following across the country. again, starting in the obama administration and presidential campaign and the first seven months of the trump administration. in a weird way, this could be good for business for those types of organizations, because they get, maybe they are freed a little bit, they do not feel like they need to give one of their own in steve bannon
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coverage -- cover anymore and that they can just, they can write what they want. host: the headline of one of your pieces at, steve bannon is out. you write his departure follows that of the national security adviser michael flynn, fbi director james comey, sean spicer, reince priebus, deveney -- deputy national security adviser mcfarland, and anthony scaramucci. at the time, the incoming communications director. are you getting a sense that john kelly is getting people in line in the white house that he wants to have there? john: getting the west wing in line and getting these folks in line are two different things. you still have ivanka trump and her husband, jared kushner, they are one faction of the west wing. you still have stephen miller, who is his own entity now. he was somewhat in line with
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bannon, at least on policy issues, they had a lot of the same views and they worked together on a lot of the same issues. but yeah, i think general kelly is taking the long view and is playing the long game with personnel. it will take a long time. you also have inner circle is the actingcks communications director, even though she is 28 years old and kind of still a newcomer, she could be the permanent communications director and she has a straight line to the president. he thinks highly of her. kellyanne conway is still there. she has a direct line to the president. i think kelly is trying to bring in some of his own folks, but it losses -- boss' call. host: interesting timing of
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this. the type of event that would be right up steve bannon's alley. john: i am sure mr. bannon has been involved in the preplanning of the event, maybe discussions are talking points, ideas that have crossed the president and he is thinking about what to say. but remember, stephen miller is still in the white house and he definitely is more -- more willing to urge the president to go after senator flake and senator mccain. and the president himself, we saw it this week, all indications are, especially from his personal twitter account, that this comes straight from the president's mind. so, you know, he will not hold back. he is very much inclined to go after senator flake.
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he made kind of a veiled disparaging remark on tuesday with the impromptu press conference about senator mccain, taking a shot at his vote that killed the republican health care bill. so the president will not hold back just because steve bannon is no longer on his staff. someone pointed out on twitter, i did not catch you in the title wave of tweets after this was announced, steve bannon still knows donald trump's cell phone number. and president trump still thinks highly of him, that much is clear. and steve bannon has been loyal for the most part. maybe he said or went too far in the "american prospect" interview, maybe that was the final straw. it did not help him by all indications. but he will still be able to, i would guess, to talk to president trump, maybe not every time he wants but he still is going to have the president's
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ear from time to time, and it is a long flight to arizona. even on air force one. who is to say they do not chat as the president is flying out there? bennett follows the white house for cq rollcall. thank you as always. >> this afternoon, bloomberg businessweek correspondent joshua green said he spoke with steve bannon. mr. green is the author of a book about steve bannon and donald trump called "the devil's bargain." "ifaid mr. bannon told him, there is any confusion, let me clear it up. i am leaving the white house and going to war against donald trump's opponents in the media and in corporate america." >> health and human services secretary tom price sat down for a profile interview with c-span to discuss his personal and professional life.
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he reflected on his early years in michigan, practicing orthopedic medicine in atlanta, his family and his start in georgia state politics through his time in the u.s. congress. dr. price talked about his opposition to the affordable care act, working for the trump administration, and priorities for the department of health and human services. this is just over 35 minutes. i. how did something from dearborn, michigan into up in atlanta, georgia? sec. price: i did my undergraduate at the university of michigan, but my mother's family is from roanoke. so when i was a kid we would take summer vacations down in roanoke and virginia beach. and my mother told me that at the age of six i announced that there was no reason for us to live here, we needed to live in virginia or the south. when i finished my medical school i intervied


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